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European Food Safety Authority Concludes Glyphosate Not a Carcinogen

EFSA Concludes Glyposate Not a Carcinogen

The European Food Safety Authority just released their assessment of glyphosate for continued use in countries of the European Union. EFSA’s role is to assess and communicate on all risks associated with the food chain for the European Union. One of their main findings regarding glyphosate:

“The substance is unlikely to be genotoxic (i.e. damaging to DNA) or to pose a carcinogenic threat to humans. Glyphosate is not proposed to be classified as carcinogenic under the EU regulation for classification, labelling and packaging of chemical substances.”

They clearly explain the differences in how they and IARC assessed carcinogenicity.

And regarding interpretation of animal studies:

“IARC identified positive carcinogenic trends in two studies that the EU peer reviewers assessed as insignificant.”

It is clearly written and and addresses many of the questions that have arisen since IARC classified gylphosate as a probable human carcinogen, especially since the other major risk assessment agencies around the world have found it to be fairly low in acute and chronic toxicity to humans.

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